Xindak PA-1 Stereo Power Amplifier

Xindak PA-1 Stereo Power Amplifier

The new PA-1 Stereo power amplifier is upgraded on the PA-1 mono block amplifier, the peak output power can reach 200W per channel.

It adopts the independent dual mono circuit design, using two high-power toroidal transformer and rectifier filter circuit to separately supply power for each channel, the voltage amplifier circuit also using the special Xindak manufactured large capacity inductance module to do the auxiliary power filtering, which can significantly improve the purity of the power, to made the amplifier have a higher S/N ratio and a better sense of hearing. In the amplifier circuit aspect, the input part adopt the high input impedance and low-noise FET; each channel have 3 pairs of SANKEN high-power transistors to do the power amplifier, made to sound has high resolution, warm and best dynamics.


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    Potenza: 200W (400W/4 ohms)
    Sensibilità Ingresso: 2V
    Risposta in Frequenza: 10Hz~100KHz
    Ingressi: RCA*2, XLR*2
    SNR: 100dB
    THD: ≤0.02%
    Consumo: ≤300W
    Canali: 2 Stereo
    Peso: 34Kg
    Dimensioni: 430x203x460mm